February 14th, 2003


Feeling perkier

Going to the pub was a good plan. Along with a good weight loss, a lovely dinner cooked by ewx and lots of nice company, a small amount of beer seems to have done me the world of good. Exchanged valentines pressies with Jan, to be opened in the morning, and had early-valentines day snog for simont, who was in a lovely bubbly good mood due to having his new flat, which is *hyuge*.

And then home to nice mail from Marna: thanks it's really appreciated and added another smile to a much happier evening. I know it's mostly just the depression speaking when I feel that crap, and I know the ADs should kick back in in a while and help take the edge off it, but being with friends and people who care really does help, so thanks to all of you. (And well done to Vicky for being patient with me ebing spiky. *hugs*)


Dear ADs,

Please could you kick in soon. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in floods of tears every hour or so for no particularly good reason. And feeling unable to put anything into words.




OK so in the end I did have a go with the LVS. Oddly enough (when I finally got the notification, well done to Steve the author for sorting that out quickly and graciously) I found ewx and I had nominated each other. Neither of my two other nominees had nominated me back though. And I apparently have two mystery admirers. Wonder if they're brave enough to tell me who they are? You never can tell if I might not have been interested anyway, just out of slots.