February 12th, 2003



I had a pretty crap day yesterday really: was absolutely knackered, couldn't concentrate well on work, and stuff kept upsetting me all out of proportion. Decided when I got home that I really wasn't going to spend any more time on mail/news/LJ for the evening, which helped. Also decided not to go round to Jan's for dinner, which was a pretty horrible decision to have to make: I think I'd have felt miserable whichever way I decided though, since rjk so obviously wanted me to stay home and I felt so bad about letting Jan down too: but I just wasn't really in a very good state for doing much.

So we did the shopping, had some dinner and did some washing up, curled up on the sofa for a bit with a book (him) and a home decor magazine (me) and then went to bed. I feel so much better today than I did yesterday though, despite a mad dash to get into work in time for a 9:30 meeting which didn't happen due to powercut disruption (COs needed to bring UPSed machines down, since it was expected to last some time, then just as they were done and ready for meeting the power came back on and they needed bringing back up).

Jan's invited me to come over for dinner tonight instead, and then we can join the dougsoc people in the pub which sounds lovely, but I feel like it'll be mean to leave rjk to fend for himself, or to spend the time in the pub with people he doesn't really know very well. Don't know what to do.