February 9th, 2003


so who says geeks don't have fun?

Well, that was a very entertaining party indeed. I had the advantage of looking at it from the point of being, not sober, but much less drunk than much of the party, which is all the more amusing for an observer.

Nice to meet RDD again, even if he didn't remember meeting me before (though I don't think we were introduced the previous time, and I did only work out it was him after we'd left the party in question, so I guess he can be forgiven). He seemed to be enjoying playing the tart with his soul stealer and his affections. I think it's still quicker to name the people he did snog than the ones he didn't, but the same is not true of the photography: though there seemed to be quite a bias towards pretty girls there (of which there were many, everyone was looking lovely). I look forward to seeing all the photos anyway.

Lovely to meet Linette too, who seemed to fall on her feet despite it being a somewhat odd crowd, had a bit of small world syndrome and then seemed to get on with all like a house on fire. Definitely a fun person to be with, and nice to put a more 3D face and figure to the name. Looks like she'd had fun bargain hunting in Cambridge market yesterday too. (Which reminds me, anyone who would fit a size 12 top from Monsoon: there's a gorgeous black velvet bodice top on the secondhand stall at the moment for a tenner. I can sometimes get into 12s, but generally not in tops, and certainly not from Monsoon who seem to design for the less busty of the world).

Anyway, nice vodka, nice company, pleasant massage, some flirting and ego boosting (though in fact the only person I snogged was rjk, I must be slipping) and I had a very good time in all. Managed to get rjk home in one piece somewhat faster than the others seemed to be managing with Fi. Poor boy is unlikely to emerge from bed any time soon though. The perils of drinking spirits I think: he stayed relatively sober for a long while and then it hit him all at once. Nasty if you're not expecting it.