February 8th, 2003


Driving ambition...

First driving lesson in over a year, and it went pretty well. 2 hour lesson, and we started with just pottering around Kings Hedges getting the hang of going round corners and so on, then went for a longer run, out along Milton Rd, across the A14/A14 interchange roundabout and in Milton, then back on the other side and back along a bit of the A10 and back into town, then had a faff around Chesterton and enjoyed the traffic calming and the roadworks (honest) then back into Kings Hedges for a go at parallel parking, reversing round a corner and turning in the road.

Instructor reckons I don't need too many more lessons: rough edges to knock off, practice with the clutch control, getting back into routines of changing gear and so on, especially when stopping. Thought my observation, anticipation and use of mirrors was particularly good. Recommended thinner soled shoes for driving in though. So that's all pretty positive, and I doubt he'd have taken me round the big roundabout and back up the A10 if he wasn't pretty confident in my driving. Another 4 hours booked, and I've rung BSM and asked them to book me a test: they reckon the end of march at the Cowley Rd test centre should be do-able, which is cool. See how the next couple of lessons go, and then see if I need much more before the test. Want to pass by August though, or I'll have to take the theory again. All in all I'm chuffed to bits.

In other news I now have a pillarbox red streak instead of the previous very faded pink one (Caroline commented that I was matching the churchill scarf I was wearing) and looking forward to the party this evening. It was a doddle to do as well, took all of about 20 mins including development time, so should be pretty easy to top back up if it fades, and the jar of dye should last *ages*. I don't think I'll be using that toothbrush on my teeth ever again though.