February 4th, 2003


Tired and grotty

Monday was a fairly crap day at work, due to being too tired, too cold and in the office on my own again in the afternoon. This definitely seems to do damage to my productivity. Did get the shopping done in the evening though, and had what to me was a very nice dinner even if it was full of veg which Richard wasn't too fond of. Eccentric microwave-baked apple for dessert, which was fun to watch doing volcano impressions as it cooked. Perhaps would have worked better if I'd pricked the skin first.

Didn't sleep too well, and was feeling so zogged when I got up that I logged into work from home and got the routine stuff done straight off before pottering back to bed for a couple of hours, then getting up to do some more work in the afternoon. Works quite well really: I got more done than yesterday, and also got some useful things done around the house, which is always nice. Feeling a bit grotty towards the end of the day though: slight headache, grumbly windy tummy and still feeling shattered. Hopefully better in the morning as Caroline is out all day at a staff development course and it'll be far better if I'm in the office.

Richard had the rest of the takeaway chinese for dinner, I'm wondering if I feel enough better now after another nap to go find something for myself. And wondering how much of feeling grotty is just tiredness and inactivity. Oh well, we'll see. Most of the small jobs on my to-do list for the house are done: leaving the mountain of washing up, the hoovering and some serious DIY. Prodded various bank and credit card accounts too: now paying less into the joint account since rjk can afford to pay more again, most of the difference I'm putting straight into my savings instead.