January 30th, 2003



Our spare room is currently full of a *verrryyyy* drunken scot, after a pleasant evening down the pub. Hopefully he won't be too hungover in the morning to cope with the job interview he's come down to Cambridge for. It's not too early in the morning anyway at least.

A very bijou little m3at, since there were only the four of us, and I did give in and have a few sins, but it was only 11 or so, so overall I'm only a little over for the week. Drinking vast quantities of soft drink will probably have helped with the water retention anyway. Now I'm just wprrying about how *I'll* cope with the morning after a second late night in a row, but hey, at least I don't have to get up on Friday.

And amazingly I had a productive day at work for once, finished a couple of things I've been meaning to get round to for well over a week and made a pretty good start at another one which is my main project at the moment. Bloody remarkable! Just finished the last of the packet of ADs, and decided to give them a rest for a while, so if I'm acting odd over the next few days do point it out. Hopefully it won't be too crippling though.
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Time to go get wet in the SNOW! and see how heavy I am this week. And then I shall go to the pub and drink more diet pop. Should have a fun weekend, so I'm saving the points for then.

It's picture postcard pretty out there, with the snow falling past the lights on the outside of the building and coating the bare trees across the way. Can't say cycling it looks much fun though, which is why I'm leaving plenty of time.

More snow

God it's grogeous out there, but damned cold. BBC cambs has some pretty pictures at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cambridgeshire/weather/weather_gallery/jan_2003_snow.shtml

Cycling was a challenge, made it about halfway to class with only a certain amount of wobblyness, and then the combination of skiddiness and the fact my brakes were beginning to seize up made me decide to walk instead. Byt the time I got the rest of the way I was practically dragging the bike through the snow, the back wheel is barely turning any more! Still it was a nice walk and brough a rosy smile to my cheeks. And I looked like the abominable snowman with a 1cm layer of snow on my front from going head on into the blizzard some of the way, though it's stopped before I got there.

Can't seem to get the software to log in to send my usual weight update, but the details and graphs are at: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~eleanorb/weight/ as usual, if anyone's interested. Frustrated to have put a pound on this week despite having been really good, but I think it's simply water retention from hormonal changes. (I'd say I was pre-menstrual, but I've decided to run two packets together and skip the menstrual bit this month</tmi>). First reached this week 3 months and a week ago. I *will* lose some next week though.

Wondering what the trains will be doing tomorrow, they're cancelled into Cambridge tonight due to a stuck set of points, but if they're running at all tomorrow I think we'll try make it down to London for Kake's party anyhow. And at least we don't have to go into work, having booked the day off for that reason anyway. Will try and take some pictures too, it's too dark at the moment to do anything justice though.