January 29th, 2003



Had another useless day at work yesterday, but I've caught up the backlog this morning, so I'm feeling less cross at myself about it. Lovely evening over at Sion and Jan's though. They cooked me a nice dinner, of which I ate far more than either of them but that's ok 'cos there was still some left over. It's very sweet of Jan to try so hard to cook sin free food for me: she'd even got Sion to drop into Tesco on the way home and pick up some fruit (blueberries and raspberries) to have for pudding.

After dinner we sat and nattered for a bit and then Jan and I snuggled on the sofa with a bunch of grapes holding hands and watching Silence of the Lambs, which I hadn't seen before. It's a pretty good film actually, and it was good to finally see it: far more subtle than the sequel Hannibal, which I have in fact seen already. I'm terrible for doing that: I've seen Scream 2 but not the original Scream film as well. Was nice to snuggle on the sofa anyway, even if Jan had to be very careful not to hurt her back and neck. At least we (hopefully) managed to convince her that she really isn't just malingering and would be in no fit state to go into work today. She was beginning to feel guilty about it, which is ridiculous when she can't even sit on the sofa without two cushions and a hot water bottle to lean on.

Nattered a bit about feeling wibbly and insecure too, which I think might have helped a bit. And rjk was cheery and nice when I got home which is always good. Sounds like he had some success cooking dinner for Vicky.

Now I'm hanging around half waiting for a call to come and meet someone for lunch, and then I shall try and get more useful stuff done in the afternoon and then head to the pub after work. Shame there's no chance of me being able to drink though. I think I must be retaining water at the moment because if anything I'm currently heavier than when I weighed in officially last Thursday and I've got a sticky-outy tummy again. It's the right sort of time of month for it. It's just frustrating when I've been really good all week, and makes it very tempting to say "fuck it", but I'm determined not to.