January 27th, 2003



Had a sort of mopey day, but Monday afternoons are often bad: sitting in an office on my own since Caroline works from home then and not getting very much done. And I'd gone out with hopes of being all productive this morning too. Hopefully it will be better once I'm sharing with John instead, and she's just next door. I think I'm too used to a more open plan office. It's especially bad when it's so quiet on irc too: rjk seems to be too busy working to say much, and with Jan and Sion away ill it's very empty. Definitely miss them.

In a scheme to improve on his culinary skills rjk has more or less volunteered to cook tonight though, which is very nice of him. We do keep meaning to let him do more of the cooking but so often I tend to just go and do something because I'm bored and I know it'll be ready pretty quickly that way.

Hopefully Jan will be well enough tomorrow for me to go round and see her in the evening. Otherwise I might have to find some friends to pop round and visit, since I think he's inviting Vicky over (unless he's planning to go over to hers instead). And on Wednesday it looks like there's be an uk.misc meet happening, though they haven't picked a pub yet, and August crashing on our futon afterwards. Thursday is diet/pub night (an odd combination!) and then Friday we're going down to London for the weekend for Kake's party, possibly followed by a Bodyworlds trip on Sunday. So it's kind of a busy week, but I seem to be a bit lacking in energy and enthusiasm for it. Oh well.


Mmm, nice dinner, Harry Potter in the bath (in French), and some frozen yoghurt with berries in later and I am feeling rather perkier. Funny what a nice relaxing evening can do. And I've even got most of the marks out of my suede skirt with the help of an old toothbrush.