January 26th, 2003



I was standing in the loo at a friends' house this evening at a party, somewhere around 1am. It's a downstairs loo and they keep the mop in a bucket standing in a corner of it, along with a broom whose head has fallen off the handle. I found myself looking at this handle and wondering to myself if I were drunk enough to attempt to astral polevault it in my heels and short skirt. Then I realised something. I hadn't actually been drinking...

Lovely evening anyway, glad Sion and Jan could make it over, and lovely to see Kate and Nigel since I haven't seen them in ages. And a happy birthday to Pete, and many thanks for a great party.

cinema etc

Niceish day overall. Slept the morning away, brought rjk breakfast in bed for a change, faffed about for a few hours and then dragged ourselves sluggishly and fairly miserably round the supermarket. We really seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm. Then we went to the cinema with Sion, Jan and Christi to see Chicago which was really rather good. So we giggled our way through that, then wandered across the road to Chili's for dinner.

The food was pretty good, the cocktail I had was lovely, and it was a good way to use up the rest of my sins for the week. The service however was pretty slow, and they crammed five of us round a table that would only really seat four and the loos were horrible, with 3 out of 4 cubicles more or less unusable and the whole thing being pretty grotty. The price it came to for main course each and a cocktail for three of us and a soft drink for the other two certainly wasn't cheap either. Bit off-putting overall really, despite how much I enjoyed my BBQ ribs.

Jan's really not very well though, with a horrible bad back and a bad reaction to the increased dose of antidepressants she's taking. I do hope she gets better soon. Sion seems to be getting perkier, though I've not worked out why lime jelly. Things I fancy re-watching on vid now, and which Jan hasn't seen, are Bridget Jones and Moulin Rouge.