January 23rd, 2003



Now I could run up over 10 grand of debt just with the four bits of plastic in my wallet (L1900 overdraft limit with switch, L2400 with egg, L2400 with Nationwide, L5000!!!! with First Direct). This is a terrifying prospect.

In other news I've had a couple of very nice evenings. Tuesday rjk and I went over to Jan's after work and had diet egg and chips and garlic mushrooms and optional beans and tomatoes, then went to join Mobbsy in the pub to celebrate having a new flat (and other such perkinesses). I was doing well on the plan up to that point but couldn't resist the Landlord in the pub (it's a *beer*) and hence things went a bit out of the window and a bit giggly. A good time was had by all though, and much amusement at hiding behind the sofas at one point when Becky was out of the room. With a collective age of near enough 200 years I don't think we act it :-)

The we got the grand tour of the flat, which is cool. The living room is ace: it's just huge. I really look forward to seeing it once it's all done up and has more furniture in (and not jsut little old lady cast-off armchairs).

Last night Jan came over for dinner with us, which was nice. Collapse ) We sat and gossiped on the sofa over coffee for a while, which was nice, and then Jan and I sneaked off (well, not very sneakily) to the bedroom for a while. Mmmmm... Fun :-) But then it was nearly midnight and time to go home. But hey, it was a really lovely evening.

The only downside at the moment is that my parents are nagging me to ring them. If they weren't I'd probably just get round to it when I have a free evening, but since they're making such a fuss about it I'm getting nervous and that makes me not actually want to. I think I have to somehow sit down and make it utterly clear to them that stuff was *my* decision, even if it wasn't necessarily the option I would have put top of the list, IYSWIM. And that if they really think rjk is evil as a result then they're treating me like a child and being very unfair to him, despite the fact they actually get on with him fine, and that while I realise it might take them a while to adjust and accept things (you can't change your opinions overnight) they're making it much more likely that I'll be unhappy.

And maybe they are already feeling better about stuff, and don't think rjk is EBW, but unless they *tell* me so I think I'm going to carry on worrying. Ah well.
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