January 16th, 2003



Fairly busy day at work, with meetings in the morning and network faffage in the afternoon, along with the usual quota of spam and viruses and glitches in Request Tracker to deal with. Had lunch with Karen in town, which was nice, we like Tatties. Then we went and did some shopping, and I accidentally bought a skirt in a size 10 in the sale. This would be perfectly sensible, if I weren't normally more like a 14, and if half price didn't still mean 50 quid. Still, it *does* fit and it's lovely and suede and purple. I think it's intended to sit on the hips rather than on the waist, but I prefer to wear it a little higher which would be why the larger sizes all seemed too big on me. Very entertaining and boggling to try on in the shop though. Bit of a long lunchbreak though so I had to work a little late to compensate.

After that a lovely evening round at Jan's. Went over straight after work and Jan cooked a nice pasta sauce, which we shared with Sion before he had to dash off to go chase tigers up mountains, or whatever it is he does (it involves monkeys too somewhere I think). At which point it seemed like a good idea to wander off upstairs and show each other the new undies we've bought lately. Snuggled and cuddled and talked for a long while, and complained about how little libido we each have at the moment, and tried to reassure each other that neither of us minded about the other (despite us both feeling like perhaps we're being a little too much like Jessica Stein) and then suddenly some materialised from somewhere after all. Dunno how that happens, and I wish I knew how to trigger it 'cos then there wouldn't *be* a problem with lack of libido.

Feel bad now though because going over there was all arranged kind of last minute, and I didn't really get a chance to talk to rjk about it first and ended up leaving him stuck at home on his own with no real notice and only an email telling him about it. Which is pretty horrible of me really, but I couldn't think of what else to do at the time. It's strange how much you get used to being able to get hold of people pretty much immediately though, and how disorienting it seems when you can't.
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