January 12th, 2003


gosh, pink! and green...

So Boots are selling a new range of highlighting kits: "B Colour for You" or some such name, by Jerome Russell. They're designed to put either a couple of broad lowlights in or a whole bunch of fine highlights. And they come in bright colours, red, blue and purple in particular, some of which work well on dark hair. Since the roots on my main dye are beginning to show I thought I'd give it a play though, and went for the Purple Passion colour one.

You have to mix up the powder bleach/colour with the cream peroxide and leave for five minutes, then paint each strip of hair with the colout and wrap in foil strips (provided). Heat with a hairdryer for 5 minutes and then leave to develop. So it's a bit of a faff. In fact it made less mess than I normally do with all-over-head dye though. I should have done a strand test probably, but just opted to go for the longer end of the time range for dark hair. It's come out rather bright pink rather than purple, and I've rather missed the roots, but overall I rather like the effect.

There was enough dye to do a lot more hair than I did, and I reckon it would work better on longer hair. Nice one anyway.

In other reviews Tesco Value mushy peas are better than their ordinary ones, cos they're more like proper muchy peas instead of just slightly squished marrowfat ones. Have yet to find anything properly close to the real thing from a tin.