January 5th, 2003


Bike: snow: cinema

Feeling oddly bored and lethargic. Once again had to resort to tire levers in my current attempt to fix a puncture. We'll see if it has worked in a bit. Maybe it's just the rubber being stiff because it's so cold.

Snow last night was pretty, even if it didn't stay. Nice afternoon watching B5, and evening at J&S's eating far too much: most of it was sin free though. I reckon that's me out of sins for the week though. I'm not doing well at getting back into the habit of counting properly though.

Cinema at 3:30, if the bike will get me there. I guess I might try hoover before then. I'd offer to go to the supermarket with Richard but he's still in his dressing gown :-) Mostly I just want to go back to sleep though, despite a long lie-in. Not a terribly good sign.


Sweet Home Alabama is indeed sweet and funny and very enjoyable if you like that sort of thing, which I do. It was followed by a very nice meal with Christi, Vicky and Mobbsy, since I made a sin free lasagne this afternoon and figured I might as well invite them back to help me eat it. Mmm, yum. Especially with melon first and lots of fruit and cheese for afters.

Finished early since we're all pathetic and dopey, which gave us time to get all the washing up done. With yesterday's tidying and washing and today's hoovering this means we now have a clean shiny house. And rjk went to Tesco. A very domesticated sounding sort of weekend :-)

Work again tomorrow, but the puncture seems to be successfully fixed this time, so hopefully at least getting there and back shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully now I've caught up with most of th backlog from Christmas it should be a bit more interesting.