January 1st, 2003


Happy New Year!

Well, the hangover is gradually receding, but the fun memories are still there.

Spent the afternoon at j4 and sion's having a wonderful time cooking and faffing and generally producing far too much food. No doubt I will be helping them eat up the leftovers over the next week. There was much booze too: and for once I have a slight hangover: I think I can add up one glass of wine, a pint and a half of the excellent Vanilla Baboon beer, half a pint of perry, half a mug of champagne and several glasses of varying sizes of the rather good mulled wine/port, so I guess a slight headache is only deserved!

Much revellry was had. Some small amounts of stress on my part having not seen Vicky's mail and wondering if I'd upset her enough she wasn't coming (in fact she was simply going to another party first and I could have discovered this if I'd just asked) and at being so pointedly ignored by Andrew. His privilege though. Thanks to Ian for hugs while I was stressing about things anyway. Overall though that led to about half an hour's unhappiness compared to the rest of the evening being great which isn't a bad balance.

Radio 4's incompetance led to much amusement and a room full of assorted geeks and goths singing their own bongs: just as well Lucy had brought Big Ben along for the party. And this was almost immediately followed by the best bit of news ever: Jan and Sion's engagement. I shall let her tell people about it herself, but I'm so pleased for her (and of course for Sion too). It makes me go all smily and bouncy just thinking about it.

Nice to see other people like MBM and dot and davefish and alan and colette, and all the others who aren't around much, not to mention the usual suspect. Nice to meet Amelia at last too, no doubt we'll see each other around from time to time. Sad not to see Diana and the Damerell and various other people: would have been nice to see Kake or J-P or Ian and Jacquie or Noodles but never mind no doubt we'll see them another time. Oh and I promised to giggle at Steve and Karen, which I ahve to say wasn't a complete surprise, but we'll see what comes of it. Nice to see you enjoying each other's company anyway.

Overall a good start to 2003, with good hopes for the rest of the year. I don't have any resolutions, except maybe to try and work my way back towards being properly content rather than just cheerful. Not an easy one to work out how to do it but we'll see how it goes. Best of luck to everyone else for the New Year too.

Oh yeah

And I still haven't founs anyone who wants to go see Sweet Home Alabama with me *sigh* Perhaps I'm odd for being fond of romantic comedies, it looks like a reasonably non-cringeworthy one at least. I don't really feel like going on my own though.

Definite feelings of loneliness some of the time at the moment.

Fingers crpssed

I've decided to mail my mum and dad a URL for the recent wibbly entry in my journal. I think I'll wait until tomorrow though as it's my dad's birthday today and I wouldn't want to do anything that might spoil it for them. Nice to have mail from Richard's mum though: *waves*.