December 30th, 2002


Retrospective meme

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Funny how the 5 year breaks make you end up missing stuff out. The entirety of Junior school skipped over. Whole relationships which meant a lot to me missing because they were in one of the gaps. Makes for a bit of a skeleton of a story rather than anything fully fleshed out.


Perhaps me and rjk shouldn't read LJ in the same room as each other, guven some people trust one of us and not the other. I try hard not to read things over his shoulder, but just glancing across at his screen at the wrong moment and I can see his friends page is showing a post from a friend of ours which mine isn't, from the big friendly icon of their face at the top of the screen. I wouldn't dream of trying to read it, but I guess it hurts a bit that they don't trust me. Or to be more honest it hurts to have it rubbed in. If I didn't know it was there I wouldn't care.

The whole thing with the padlock on items with some level of security but not saying *what* level really bugs me too. If I hadn't realised that the same article wasn't showing on mine, perhaps if I'd just wandered into the room, it would have been perfectly simple for me to assume it was only "normal" friends-only and not a restricted set of friends and read it without thinking about it much.