December 27th, 2002



Everyone's said lots of stuff while I've been away, it'll take ages to catch up.

I've had a lovely Christmas anyway. Drove up on Monday, Little Shop of Horrors play on Xmas Eve, Xmas Day with lots of family around, LOTR on Boxing Day and drove back today. Lots and lots of lovely presents, everyone has been far too nice to me. Lovely to watch other people opening theirs too.

Was good on the food front until after dinner on Xmas Eve and have been very liberal indeed since, and intend to continue to do so today. Back to the diet tomorrow, with a break for New Year's Eve though. I get to go see how much damage I've done in about half an hour. I expect it'll be fairly substantial :-) It'll be a nuisance shifting it again, and it's mildly frustrating given how close I was getting, but hey I'll still get there in the end, and I'm not getting too fat for my clothes because of it anyway, and that's what really matters to me at the moment.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend slobbing, catching up on stuff, perhaps going to see a film or something, and painting a bench in clear lacquer, so it can go in the garden. What an exciting life I leave, but sometimes that's just what you want.

Weekly weigh in

By a minor miracle: This week I stayed the same. It would be nice to lose some more over the next few weeks, as I've been more or less maintaining here for a while now, but we'll see how it goes. Flattered to hear Andrea from my class thought I weighed less than her! Obviously my mum's quip that I'm just very dense isn't far wrong though.

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