December 15th, 2002


Oooops - shopping

So we got to bed late last night, after a pleasant evening just pottering about the house, playing board games, geeking and listening to music. Woke up this morning and as I sort of dozed in bed the phone rang around 12:15. After much faff decided I did want to join angua, ottah and simonb for lunch in town and some Christmas shopping and a very pleasant and giggly afternoon ensued.

I have now definitely got presents for my mum and dad and sister Emily and her bloke, a birthday present for my dad and for Richard (antisocial people that they are having birthdays a week either side of Christmas), a secret santa present for my slimming class, a present for my girlfriend, and some little bits and pieces for various friends. This leaves Richard's christmas present (hopefully in the post as I speak), Steph's being already en route to Mozambique. Phew. A very successful trip given I already have wrapping paper. If somewhat expensive.

I also accidentally bought a pair of boots (knee length, nice fit, only 20 quid!) and a pair of party shoes (only a tenner) and a pretty burgundy velvet bra (L3.50! which is incredible). Probably shouldn't have bothered with that lot to be honest, but hey, I cna buy myself presents too occasionally if I want, and I did need new party shoes anyway.

Plan for this evening I think involves more quiet pottering, food, snuggling with rjk and an earlier night. Perhaps I can finally finish the last Harry Potter. Possibly meeting junklist people in the pub tomorrow night. Even have enough sins left for a real drink if I felt that way inclined!