December 4th, 2002


Moving on

I a better mood today after a nice evening in with Richard. Though I can't help having bitter little thoughts that he could have just as well had the same nice evening in with someone else. That's the thing I find hard being in a poly relationship: still feeling special. And no not in a BELM! sort of way Jan. Silly really because I know Richard is no less special to me despite the fact I'm seeing Jan too, so why it should be any different for him I dunno. Another case of the theory being fine but the emotions not keeping up in practice. I think it just gets harder when I'm down.

It was a nice evening anyway. Making the most of having lots of sins left at this time of the week we shared a bottle of wine over dinner then spent a while doing a jigsaw which I picked up for Richard at Erotica, with much giggling and trying to work out what was going on where. Definitely a good buy, even if we never bother doing it again. I sometimes feel bad about spending money on that sort of thing, but really it was barely more than the price of a couple of pints of cider these days, and I got just as much enjoyment out of it. And I'm still drinking lots less than I used to anyway because of the diet.

Our lack of getting round to going to bed at a sensible time does mean I'm still knackered today, and slightly damp from the cycle in. Thankfully I decided to play it safe and had a change of skirt or I'd be really very soggy indeed. Still, think I'm awake enough to faff a bit with some Perl today at least. If anyone has a good example of signal handling done in perl I wouldn't mind a pointer. It's all very well reading about it in the Camel book, but the only example I have is in perl 4 and has lines of code which are unreachable and commented as being only there to shut -w up!

Cut and paste from Emacs makes this much more pleasant to type, but I do wish I knew what the problem with LJ and Mozilla was, I've not seen it anywhere except under Windows.

Oh, and thanks to all who tried to cheer me up. Much appreciated, and sorry for being such a grumpy thing.
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