November 28th, 2002



Literal rather than metaphorical ones at the moment though.

Work good, faffing with bits of perl I hadn't played with before, in useful ways. Diet bad, but not in a completely out of control way, just in a sort of "now's not the right time to worry about it" way. Class tonight and then I think I'll try put it behind me and start afresh for a new week. Off to the docs in around half an hour, see what he says. About the headaches too for that matter.

Ouch, just bit my tongue. Silly me.

Weekly weigh in

This week I gained 1lb, not too disappointed as I did hit the comfort food. Bought the next 5 weeks classes and got one free, would be nice to have lost the remaining 8 pounds by the time that runs out. Perhaps not possible with Christmas inbetween. We'll see. Still a healthy weight at least.

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Dr thinks I'm mostly OK (and I think to be honest I agree) more pills, back in 4 weeks, thanks very much.

Chat with Vicky and rjk over coffee when I got in and then class, which was pleasant despite me putting on. Ran on forever despite us being a tiny group, but never mind. Sprinted off afterwards to have dinner at the County with Sion and Jan, which was nice despite being stressy in places. Janet doesn't keep gooseberries in her cleavage though. Back to theirs for a bit afterwards to avoid the smoke.

Last splurge on things that aren't good for losing weight, back to normal tomorrow. Bed soon though, 'cos I'm completely shattered. Headache still lurking in the back of there somewhere. Glad it's nearly the weekend.
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