November 26th, 2002



Back at work. Things going OK. A couple of medium sized projects to keep me busy, both of which seem interesting enough and not too tough to get started on. A nice little bit of virus chasing this morning would have felt very productive indeed if the people were at all competant. As it is we've given up on trying to get them to find the source of the virus from their logs. If it wasn't local to them then their Lotus Notes server ate all the evidence in the mail. Grumble.

Long chat with jmrm (da boss) this morning, which seemed fairly useful. Suggested seeing the University Staff Counselling Service might be a good idea, so I've dropped them a line asking for an initial interview. Decided I might as well just say what was stressing me so much at the moment, and was once again amused at very little batting of eyelids. Still daren't explain it all to my mum though. I'm such a chicken :-)

Hopefully see Jan tonight if she's up to it. Dunno if we'll make it to our singing session though. Wonder if I should press her to try and have another go at making a doctor's appointment. Seeing mine again on Thursday, and think I might ask him if he thinks it's worth trying a different AD. Dunno if this one is not helping at all or just not helping much though IYSWIM. How do you tell?


So much for the bright thoughts of earlier. Oh well. I can do my best to help Jan be OK, as little as that is. I hope Vicky's OK too, though I'm sure there's even less I can do about that.