November 25th, 2002



Well, I went back into work today, but they weren't actually expecting me until tomorrow, so there wasn't very much for me to do. Looks like they might be shuffling my role around a little, apparently I'm not the only member of staff not settling in terribly well with the stuff they're doing at the moment so they trying to jiggle us around until it all works together a bit better.

Caroline was working from home this afternoon, and there wasn't really anything for me to do, plus I was feeling somewhat rough and knackered 'cos I didn't sleep well last night, so I came home in the afternoon instead of staying. Back tomorrow though and we'll take it from there and hopefully I'll cope OK. Back to the docs on Thursday. Not sure what to say, it all seems to be swings and roundabouts at the moment, as soon as one thing seems OK something else crops up and I'm back down again.

Still, I had a nap this afternoon and feel a bit better. Latin homework to do before the others arrive at 8:30, so I'd probably best go and do it now. Wonder what to have for dinner.