November 24th, 2002



Erotica fun. For rjk: an erotic jigsaw and a bag of fudge, for me a riding crop, a pair of vegan wrist/ankle cuffs with fluffy pink fur inside, a *very* short little black chinesey print dress, and a belly button piercing. Plys cos to get in, train ticket, food. Ouch expensive day. But nice. If ouchy. At least I didn't have my nipples done though.


I worried yesterday that Richard would have been bored in the house all day on his own, but on reflection it was probably a nicer atmosphere than we me here moping around like a littel ray of gloom.

Need to go back to work next week. Ought to see the doc on Monday but haven't made an appointment. Can't cope with people falling out. Richard is squicked by the belly button. Feel once again like there's no point to anything I'm doing. Tempted to go curl up in bed and go back to sleep instead of spending all day worrying about the above and giving myself headaches.

Being crap

I feel like I'm making an idiot of myself, falling out with people unnecessarily and making others unhappy, directly or indirectly. I think I'm going to swear of news and livejournal this week, while I'm at work at least, I need to get back into the habit of working and getting upset over things isn't going to help.

*sigh* Sorry.