November 22nd, 2002



Trying to keep a) awake and b) cheerful, though not succeeding terribly well at either. I refuse to give up though, at least on the latter. Now the postman has been I can at least afford to have a nap. Possibly in the nice pair of pyjamas my mum has sent me. They're very girly :-)

Also in today's post were 4 free chocolates, and a handful of photos I had printed from the digicam originals via I'm fairly pleased with the results and will probably use them again. Funny how the post doesn't arrive until 3:30pm though when you deliberately made sure you were awake in the morning just in case.

Feeling cross about bits and pieces but feel like I can't explain without apparently getting at anyone, which is not what I want. Have a headache, dunno how much of that is just stress or what. Pissed off if me being stressy has caused RJK and Vicky to not have an evening together that they would have had otherwise, even if it is indirectly. He was looking forward to seeing her. Feel like I'm just making everything worse for everyone, which is annoying when I care about all of them.