November 19th, 2002



Nice day so far. Woken up early by the postman with a big parcel for me, and then again half an hour later by another postman with some letters and a smaller parcel for Richard, which in fact was designed to fit through a letter box but never mind. Decided to get up at this point and opened a small heap of presents and cards from friends and family. I have lots of lovely lovely things and everyone is too nice to me (including those who brought me lovely things on Saturday too). Pottered about and had a nice quiet morning and then wandered off to Addies with Richard, where they bandaged just the one toe up this time and told him to do it himself for 4 weeks and come back then to see how it is. Still has to wear the silly velcro sandal though.

Came back via town, where Richard did some sneaky shopping to buy me a present (he's been too stuck in the house to have time before now) and I bought a Christmas present for my sister and posted it to Mozambique, pottered round all the shops trying on clothes and not finding anything that tempted me, then accidentally spent 64 quid on black velvet undies in M&S. They are nice though, so they must be worth it. Or something. Came back home and angua popped round for a cuppa and dropped me off a very cute card. Going out for dinner in a bit, must decide whether and how much to dress up. Looking forward to nice food and drink and company :-)

It's been a lovely day all told. And we've got a bottle of bubbly to drink at some point which was a birthday and congratulations on job present for us both from my mum and dad. Definitely feeling spoilt rotten today, but making the most of it :-)
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