November 18th, 2002



Seem to be having a useless day. Can't seem to get interested in anything. Bored and moping and cross at myself for it to some extent. There's no real reason why as far as I can tell. No Jan around today on irc or mail or text message. Dunno if she's off sick or what, sion didn't say. Dunno if people are coming round to attempt to learn some more latin tonight or not. Haven't got much of it done myself, and feeling bad about that too. At least I've done some of it. Oh well, if anyone comes round hopefully some company will cheer me up, and hopefully the slight headache which has been nagging me all afternoon will be gone too.

Rjk has hospital and building society to go to tomorrow. Looks like a *terribly* exciting birthday, but I guess it could be worse, I could be at work.
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Feeling much better

Amazing what a nice relaxing giggling evening of Latin and playground insults/games can do for you. Thanks to Simon, Jan, Sion and rjk for cheering me up. Definitely much needed. I think I may even have learnt a little latin in the process. Richard was impressed to note it actually has an exclusive or, as well as an or for things which are inclusive or where the exclusiveness isn't noteworthy. Nice.

I was amused to hear that it had been noted that I kind of fell into simont's lap at exactly the moment rjk and vicky disappeared together for a bit. I can safely state that the former wasn't a reaction to the latter, which in fact I was apparently too preoccupied to even notice. I'd been wondering why they hadn't been more snuggly that evening - just call me Ms Inobservant or something.

Poor j4 is rather full of cold, which explains why she wasn't around much today. I hope she feels better soon anyway.