November 17th, 2002


mmmm yawn

That was a nice party anyway, if slightly smaller than I was expecting it to be. I think it was a really nice mix of people though, and despite all the complicated relationships going on aruond the place no-one seemed to fall out. Nice to see saraphale along: if you drop me your email address I'll stick you on the invite list so you don't need to be a hanger on in future. Even if you are a nuisance because oyu mean I can no longer easily disambiguate my Simons. At least Simes and Sion have the decency to have sensible nicknames :-) Shame some people didn't make it, but they were variously ill, elsewhere, or myseriously absent. No sign of anyone from House or Foundation and only Steve from Greenend. Perhaps there was something (or several somethings) else going on last night too. If I'd known Emmet was in the country and had contact details for him I'd have invited him along, but I suspect he was probably busy too.

Spent much of the evening snuggling simont, much to my confusion since I'm still working on the principle that that sort of thing's not supposed to be OK, but he kept insisting he was fine with it so who am I to argue. Wish I could work out where I stand there though. Would have like to spend more of it snuggling j4 but it didn't seem to happen that way. Seems to be the case all too much lately, partly a side effect of not wanting to make other people feel left out if I spend all my time with her at parties. Sion had Simes last night, but daneel_olivaw didn't have anyone else to distract him for long enough for me to make a move :-) She's spending this afternoon with him too of course, which makes sense since I'm here all the time and he isn't often, but I do miss being able to see her properly at the weekend. Must make a date for Monday or Wednesday night.

Did well on the sins front and have enough left for dinner out on Tuesday, which is good. The muffin things seemed to go down well, and I think about half the trifle got eaten, though it's hard to tell this morning as the remains have apparently melted and collapsed and levelled out to fill the bowl again just lower down. Very unappealing looking but I haven't worked out how to put it in the bin yet without making a terrible mess. Andrew can stay again though since by the time I got downstairs he'd got most of the washing up done already!

Feeling tired now, though not hungover, and ewx seems to have escaped the worst of the hangovers too, which is more unusual for him. Wonder what to do for the rest of the day. Will probably potter round doing not very much. Feeling less fed up in general than over the last few days at least, which is good, even if I'm still a bit dopey and loose-endish. Shall resist the urge to go shopping in the rain, aren't I strong-willed!

You can tell it's Sunday

Wander off for a couple of hours, come back and log on again and run out of things to do in 10 minutes flat. I always wonder is everyone just dopey and not saying much or do they all have better things to do with their time? I suppose I should go cook some dinner.