November 13th, 2002


Singing and hospitals

Was glad I went out last night or the evening would have seemed very long. It was nice to finally meet Nikki, and to meet Laura too. And the singing was less faffy too: a couple of pieces at the beginning some of which weren't too difficult, and then one which nearly everyone was sight-reading and proved to be mostly not much better at it than me, which cheered me up. Then we switched to Christmas carols, which at least have the advantage of mostly being vaguely familiar so they're easier to pick up even if you don't know the particular part you're singing, because it's easier to follow where everyone else has got to. Definitely convinced I'm an alto though, and with a fairly small range at that, struggling with both the lower end and the higher end of some pieces. Hopefully this will begin to improve with practice.

Had a couple of drinks in the Wrestlers on the way home, which was nice. I don't think I've been in there before. It was very quiet, but that rather suited my mood. Slept a bit better last night than the one before, though I did wake up a couple of times in the night. The syrup doesn't seem to help much but the lozenges were still pretty good. Why is it that as soon as you buy something to treat a dry cough it starts turning productive?

Tired today. Rang the ward at 11 and talked to Richard briefly. He hadn't been asked down for the operation yet, and had no idea when he was likely to be. They'd just said "this morning" and that was gradually ticking away. I don't know whether it's worth me going in and trying to see him or not, especially having dropped off for a nap for a couple of hours. They'll let me know if they want me to come and escort him home, but I hate not knowing what's going on in the meantime.

Suppose I ought to find some lunch.


Well, Richard is back and seems chipper enough, if very bandaged. Many phonecalls from my parents and his and (presumably) Vicky seeing how he is which is mildly amusing.

Planning to have takeaway pizza for dinner. I'll try do some shopping tomorrow and the washing up and then get back into eating properly again for a new week.

Feeling kind of quiet this evening, tiredness is at least some of it. Some of it will be stress. Hopefully once Richard is beginning to feel better I'll begin to be more relaxed and happy too.