November 12th, 2002



Too little sleep due to coughing fits every 3.5 hours or so last night.

Quick dash round town in the morning, to buy a couple of things I needed from Boots (like cough medicine!) and exchange some Euros with someone for some money I can actually spend here. Then back on the bus home and immediately out again (without even getting off the bus) to Addies with RJK.

Arrived in plenty of time for 2pm appointment, and found a sandwich and so on for lunch since I'd had neither that nor breakfast. RJK saw the consultant fairly soon, although he seemed to be consulting for an awfully long time. They decided they wanted to admit him overnight and try fit him into tomorrow's surgery schedule. Why it's so hard to fit him in given they knew they were planning to do it a week ago I don't know. If they can't fit him in tomorrow they're hoping to do it Thursday anyway. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting waiting for a bed on a ward. They finally found a bed-space around 5:30, though it didn't actually have a bed in it yet they promised it would in time for bedtime. We popped back downstairs and had a BK for dinner on the concourse (what a scary little shopping centre that is!) and then I left him there with his book and came home on the bus shattered. Sounds like his foot is going to be pretty painful for quite a bit after the operation though. Not nice.

Going singing with Jan again this evening, though will have to cycle to Fen Dittonish in order to do so. Planning to stop for a drink in the pub on the way home which will be nice. I suspect I'm going to feel rather lonely overnight.