November 7th, 2002



I just want to say thanks to everyone who said positive things today and yesterday, they did really help. I've made an appointment to go back to the docs on monday, which is only about a week after he suggested I come back anyway. I've taken today off work because I have a stinking cold, but may well take tomorrow off as well and hope that the break improves my mood enough that I can actually begin to address the problems there and do something about it next week (although I've been saying that for a couple of weeks now, I must be careful not to continue procrasting indefinitely).

I had a really lovely evening with Jan last night, which did an awful lot to make me feel better. Mmmm nice. *ahem*. And I do know that Richard loves me even when I'm crap and pathetic, I just have little bad patches sometimes.

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Weekly weigh in

This week I lost 2lb, which takes me back to where I was before my holiday. Mostly I've been fairly good this week, but I did have a flexible day yesterday and add an extra 15 sins to my normal weekly total. And I do think I was lucky to lose that much. I think the large losses I've been having lately and the very small gain I had last week from my holiday can only be explained by the fluoxitine I'm taking for my depression though: it did say weight loss was a possible side effect and I've not been anywhere near food enough lately to have lost so much weight without a little bit of extra help.

I was planning on stopping at 11 stone and staying there until after Christmas or so and then deciding if I wanted to lose another half stone at that point. Given I'm on a roll at the moment though I've decided tonight that I may as well lose that extra half stone now while I'm finding it easy. If I decide it's too much I can always put it back on again (now *that* will be novel!). And there's always the possibility that it'll come back again when I stop taking the pills anyway. So instead of only 1 lb to go I now have 8 again.

I suspect some people will think I should stop where I am, since I am looking pretty good, but I do know what size/fitness I was at 10.5 stone some years back, and did think I was a pretty good shape then. And I don't think another half stone is going to make me ridiculously skinny or anything. But anyway, I'll just have to see how it goes.

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