October 23rd, 2002


Thoughts on publicness

I've seen quite a few people around the place who have all or nearly all of their entries for friends only. Personally I prefer to be public with a lot of what I say, but I have been a bit cautious about some things. Not being out about bi-ness or polyness to my parents I don't tend to talk about that in the public half of my diary at all, and that was actually a fairly concious decision. I don't know that they read it, but it's perfectly possible that they might.

I talked about it in comments on cryx's journal though since there was something I wanted to say on the subject, and that interested someone else (lovebugkisses) who not being on my friends list of course asked about it in a comment on one of my public posts. That's kind of made me think hard about just what I want to do about that sort of thing. I'm umming and ahhing between deleting that comment to make it hard to tell anything like that from the public view of my journal again, or just thinking sod it and being more open about the whole thing. For now I think I'll leave the comment there but continue to talk about such stuff privately instead.

If my parents were to find out by reading it here it wouldn't be the end of the world. It is something I'd *like* to be open about with them, in the long run, even if I don't find I can talk about it now, so in some ways it would just be an easy way of telling them. I guess I still think they'll disapprove and I don't like them feeling that way about me. I think at some point I am just going to have to tell them that that's the way it is and let them just get over it though. And no doubt I'll find out I'm being more paranoid than necessary and that they'd be fine with it really, but they've been pretty scathing of polyness in the past, and I just don't fancy trying to talk about it at the moment. Especially when it's still pretty new to me too in this form.

[No longer friends-only]

Oops, shopping

Yesterday it was a 30 quid boned top from the alternative clothing fair.

Today it was a 25 quid dress from Miss Selfridge, reduced to 15 in the sale and then to 12 with a 20% student discount which they're doing this month and I still just qualify for.

They're nice, but I really should try to stop spending so much. Must stop eating in town so often too as it comes out quite expensive as well. Which would conveniently stop me spending so long in the shops in the way of temptation as well. Which I guess means getting up better in the mornings so I have time to make lunch to take to work, that or doing it the night before. Mornings are definitely still hard work!