October 18th, 2002


Weekly weigh in

This week I lost 3lb. Dunno where that came from, most odd. Will endeavour not to put any back on next week though. Only 1 lb shy of the 4 stone award which is nice, and I was joint slimmer of the week this week which was a pleasant surprise too.

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Weekend plans

TripleX at the Warner tonight followed by a curry.

Bletchley tomorrow, followed by Jon's birthday party in the evening. And a quiet day in on Sunday so RJK can do his assignment for nCipher's recruitment process. Hopefully by the end of a quietish weekend I'll be feeling less tired. Cinema again on Monday to see Road to Perdition at the Arts instead, which no doubt will be a much better film :-)

J and V both away this weekend, and next week in J's case, so it will seem very quiet after this week.