October 7th, 2002



PSU on computer at home has died. Or at least the fan has become very noisy and I don't want to use it without decent cooling, so it's out of action until a new PSU arrives.

Back to doctors this morning, they concluded I sounded rather better and gave me more of the same pills and said to come back in 4 weeks time, though in fact the only appointment they had free with him was in 3 weeks instead. Wonder if he only does one day a week or something. Explained open relationship stress, which seemed to rather surprise him, but hey. That's probably the thing that's bugging me *most* at the moment, now work are trying to fit around me and college have said I can intermit. Funny how it's nice to see rjk and V having fun together but at the same time it hurts. Concentrating on the former as much as I can though, because I *want* them to be happy dammit. Lack of job for rjk is also still a factor of course, no news yet from nCipher.

Not sure if I want to be sociable this evening or just curl up in bed with a book and hide from the world for a bit. At least I'm not even vaguely suicidal, though the doctor did ask just in case. Closest I get to contemplating doing anything drastic is considering that if things got impossible I might even leave Richard. Not likely in the least though at the moment.

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Livejournal seems to work OK with lynx. Nifty.

Stunning dinner: stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with diced chicken, mushroom, herbs, chilli, no garlic as we've run out) wrapped on bacon and cooked in the oven with more mushrooms and tomatoes and a little chilli with cheese on top. Served with new potatoes and carrots.
Needed cooking a fraction longer really, and the stuffing would have done 4 rather than 2 and it would certainly have benefited from the addition of garlic, but on the whole a roaring success and only far too filling to eat it all!
Going out once our stomachs have settled enough to cycle. Feeling much perkier than I was earlier in the day, which is good. Hopefully can find stuff to keep me occuied at work tomorrow which should be an improvement too.