September 23rd, 2002



Agreed with me that I appear to be suffering from mild depression, prescribed low dose anti-depressants (20mg Fluoxitine 1 a day) and suggested I come back in a fortnight by which point they should hopefully be beginning to work. Also suggested I think carefully about sick leave.

Told my immediate colleague/boss and boss above that about it by email and arranged to work from home for the rest of today. They said they'd noticed something was affecting my work and sounded at least glad that they knew what the problem was now. They don't think working from home is a good idea in general though: better to either be in the office or to take real sick leave. And they have said not to worry about how snowed under we are at the moment and both have some experience of depression in either themselves or their partner so that might help.

Incidentally I talked about my partner at the docs and was amused that he did stop to ask if said partner was male before continuing to refer to him as "he". Glossed over polyness, but mentioned that relationship was having an complicated awkward patch at the moment though not in any danger of ending. Also mentioned work, MSc, rjk's lack of job and the feeling that I'm supposed to be OK and be the supportive one. He asked about appetite (I think it may be a little lower, but not a huge amount) and sleep (no, I'm not having trouble sleeping really, though I am exhausted the only trouble sleeping has been in talking until it's very late).

The pills have a fairly hairy sounding set of possible side effects, but most medecines do to be honest. Was amused to see they might cause a small amount of weight loss :-) They recommend not drinking, as they can cause drowsiness on their own and this is more likely/more severe with alcohol. To be honest I drink so little at the moment due to the diet that it won't be too hard to avoid.

Still feeling groggy from my cold, and have a slight headache on and off. Plus still knackered: had an hour's kip after lunch. And I've been feeling slightly nauseus after eating for a couple of days now. Feeling less completely overpowered by stuff now. Despite the fact the person I mailed at APU has mailed me back the singularly helpful response "Would you like me to leave a couple of sample projects with Connie, from previous years?". Well, it *might* help, but it doesn't address most of the concerns I had. Oh well.

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