September 9th, 2002


Daft Day

For future reference. If you look out of the front door in the morning and see it is raining pretty heavily don't just think "fuck it". Do go and get changed into something more suitable than jeans and bring a change of clothing with you. Especially if you know you're going out again at lunchtime and there's any chance of the rain having got even heavier by then.

As it is I had a rather nice (if damp) lunch with my ex-colleagues in CUP's canteen. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces and have a good chat. Was touched that even the canteen staff remembered me and said hi :-)

Afterwards I cycled into town before heading back to the office and bought a couple of towels from Woollies and then headed over to check the sale rail in New Look and see what I could find to sit around in this afternoon instead of soaking wet jeans. In the end it came down to a choice between long floaty skirt with mirrors stitched on or short black gypsyish dress. I went for the latter in the end as the former was white and looked daft with black knickers. So now I'm sitting in the office in a party frock with Doc shoes and black socks looking pretty daft really, but hey, at least I'm dry.

Bored in the office again, since I have it all to myself this week while Caroline is on holiday. But at least I have the work a bit more under control than I did last week. Tried to ring the doctors this morning but just got the engaged tone. Feeling OK at the moment though so I'll probably see how I do tonight and try again tomorrow rather than trying now. I wonder if they have any doctors at the practice who specialise in depression/stress, and if so what's the best way to find out. Especially given I hate ringing people up.

Overall though feel like I'm a bit better than I was last week, but that might just be because I had a pretty relaxing weekend. And I did have a couple of bad spots even then. Mum and dad visiting later this week. Coming down on Thursday rather than the Friday night they'd originally intended as dad has a couple of day's work to do in the Newmarket office. Mum's offered to take rjk out for lunch and then drag him round a garden centre and then come and dig the garden. Hope the weather's dried out a bit by then! It'll be nice to see them, but I do sometimes find it's hard work seeing them when I'm down 'cos I feel like I have to pretend I'm OK or they'll worry about me too much. Daft really.