August 3rd, 2002


Mmmmm, weekend

Nice evening: good food and drink and company followed by usenet :-) Nice to see Vicky looking so perky about riding her bike anyway, looks like she's having fun. And I do hope Mobbsy's flat works out!

Made a few resolves to myself lately: stop being such a lazy arse at work and get something useful done. Actually lose some weight this month overall instead of putting it on. That sort of thing. Feeling a little more positive about rjk's job prospects. Sanger turned him down for the current job but have mentioned another they think he should apply for, though they haven't sent him any details yet. And he's also applied for a similar job at the EBI. What's with people looking for C, Perl and Java on Unix with possible biotech skills at the moment?

Determinedly positive at the moment and looking forward to the weekend and rejoicing in the good bits I'm hearing about other people's lives primarily, while still sympathising with the bad bits. S&J are hopefully having a good time at the folkfest. Karen has lovely new cats. Vicky's place have got some work coming their way and may have more money to splash around as a result. And I've had some good news from a friend and hoping to hear more in the next couple of weeks. Here's wishing a bit of good news on everyone else anyway, no matter how small.