July 9th, 2002



I am actually feeling better finally. Not perfect, but certainly well enough that I should be back to work tomorrow, which while I'd love to be able to just lounge around at home some more is probably for the best.

Thinking of taking a week or so off, beginning to be in need of a real break, and Richard's parents are visiting for a weekend soon, so it would be nice to have a bit of extra time off around then.

Online shopping d00m

So you'd think being down to a sensible size would make online shopping easier really, but it appears that I can't find anything that I want at a sensible price at the moment. And buying things which are expensive is right out, if they're not likely to fit for more than a couple of months. I'm right out of trousers which actually fit me any more (I've a couple of pairs I can still wear but they're beginning to look ludicrous) but everything in the shops seems to be cropped or ruffled to dirty-look or glitter or pink or all of the above. ick ick ick.