July 6th, 2002



That's not fair. Spent the week feeling a bit rough but other than Monday well enough to go into work and not too bad in the evenings. Today I feel like death warmed over. Why did it have to wait for the weekend?

Nice evening last night though, and nice start to the morning, but I think I'm going back to bed for a bit.

Hmm well that's straightforward enough

I thought of a couple of things I might wibble about on here today, and decided they were probably TMI for anyone but ewx. So today I created a Friends Group with only me and ewx in it, daft perhaps if I used this journal primarily for dissemination, given he's sitting right here next to me and I could just talk to him, but at least it gives me proof of concept if I ever want to use friends groups for anything else. And despite the fact many people do seem to use LJ for telling people what's going on in their lives it is a journal still. I might not mind people reading some bits of it but I'm still primarily writing for myself rather than for other people. So it's not completely stupid.

[No longer friends-only]


So what was it that prompted it? Wandering into the bedroom and seeing the duvet crumpled in a heap on the floor and instead of getting cross at it being a mess I smiled, thinking of how it had got into that state, and this amused me. My libido seems to be much improved lately and I'm really glad of it.

[No longer rjk-only]
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