July 1st, 2002



Feh, full of cold today so taking the day off work, or at least working from home instead, probably a bit of both. Hope it doesn't last. Off back to bed for the time being anyway.


Hmm, having decided half of one of Sunday's entries really ought to have been friends-only it was a bit fiddly to fix it, especially since the next entry didn't really make sense without being able to see the other half. Richard pointed out that my diary might be a bit too obvious for people like my mum to find, and I've had rather pointed anti-poly comments from her in the past and don't want to have to put up with her disapproval really, even if it is vanishingly unlikely she'd ever read it anyway.

[No longer friends-only]


Feeling a bit better than I was this morning, and I've got some work done from home. Mostly I just feel knackered though despite having got a fairly early night and lots of sleep.