June 30th, 2002



Y'know having decided you're not going to try explain poly to your sister is probably *not* the best time to spend half the evening of a party snuggled up on the sofa with a very nice young man. Oddly Richard actually seems a little more comfortable with this than *I* am to be honest. And quite a bit more so than the young man in question, who had previously decided that given he's very strongly mono in belief that this sort of thing was a bad idea. I suspect he hasn't changed his mind that it's a bad idea actually, which makes me feel a bit bad about it. But damn he's lovely.

[No longer friends-only]


The entire afternoon and evening of BBQ and house-warming at Foundation was very nice indeed. And Steph seemed to have a good time and get on well with lots of people, particularly Kate. I suspect I have now more or less used up my sins allowance for the week. *again*. Oh well, I shall try be bloody good for the rest of the week anyway, it seem to work last week.
Back to back The Mummy and The Mummy Returns at Becky's this afternoon.

Weight update

... which last article reminds me.

Weigh-in on Thursday, before dinner rather than after which probably accounts for a fair bit of it, but this week I'm down 4 lbs, to a total of 2 stone 12 pounds, leaving me weighing 12 stone 4 with a BMI of 27.7.

This is from a starting date of 6th December last year at which point you can work out I weighed 15 stone 2. Getting there slowly. Current medium term goal is 11 stone which will take my BMI to just under 25 and I think I intend to try and maintain at that for a bit before deciding if I want to lose any more. I suspect if I lose much more than that I will be too skinny.

If I can keep the rate up to arounf 1.5 pounds a week average I may be able to reach this by mid-late september, but I suspect it will become more difficult.