June 26th, 2002



Well, Steph made it safely back from the Ukraine. Not in plaster any more in fact but definitely still suffering somewhat. Spent a nice evening chatting to her.

The last morning of the Exim course was good, got my cheque paid into the bank and my puncture repair kit bought, along with some spray lube which I fancy giving ago because I'm fed up of the black crud that 3-in-1 oil or equivalent accumulates.

Unfortunately when I came to fix the puncture I dunno if I damaged the tube more while removing it or if that was the damaged bit already but it's got a serious leak right at the valve, where it's impossible to patch, and guess who didn't buy spare tubes? I am an idiot. But at least I gave the chain a good clean with a rag dipped in white spirit. I'll have ingrained oil in my hands for a few days now though, definitely doesn't go well with the sparkly nailvarnish.

Of course this means I'll have to get up moderately early again tomorrow which is a bloody nuisance, but never mind. Pub tomorrow, vids and chinese on Friday, Foundation housewarming on Saturday. Looks like we'll keep Steph pretty busy. She reckons she's well enough to cope on her own back in Leeds but fancies staying at least a few days to a week to visit, since she thinks she'd be a bit lonely up there on her own for a fortnight.

She damaged her ankle stepping off a kerb awkwardly it turns out. And wants to see a doctor over here as soon as possible given her current treatment has been in a Ukranian hospital with poor translation. Hopefully mine will be able to see her fairly quickly though...