June 25th, 2002


Exim Course

Day 2 and I half wish I'd opted to stay for dinner. I feel like a bit of a wet lemon though spending so much time hanging around with Vicky rather than meeting new people. Lots more interesting stuff picked up today, I have all sorts of nifty ideas of things to prod and a strange urge to go off and read the exim config on chiark.


Why do you always find out you have a puncture at 8:30am when you have to be somewhere by 9? And why is it that when you figure you can fix the puncture yourself when you get home you realise that you can find tyre levers and a halfway decent adjustable spanner but there's absolutely no sign at all of your puncture repair kit.

Looks like I'm walking or getting a lift into Robinson again tomorrow, which is a complete nuisance. Wonder if I'll find time to pick up a puncture repair kit tomorrow then, or when I'll have chance to use it. It's the back tyre as well which is always much more of a nuisance, but I'm not sure I want to take it to a bike shop *again* to get it fixed. And it looks like if Steph is around I won't get a chance to go on another long ride at the weekend either at this rate.