June 24th, 2002


Exim Course

It's been quite a nice day really. All 3 sessions have been pretty relaxed so far, and while I've picked up various things I didn't know before none of it has been too challenging. At the same time Philip Hazel makes a pretty good speaker and kept it fairly interesting, and any yawning I was doing was merely a side effect of a warm darkened room and too little sleep and not boredom related.
Lunch was nice, although it looks like a red day might be easier than a green day tomorrow. And the social punting trip afterwards this evening was fun, although I may have picked up a little sunburn, or at least just a touched of sunkissedness. Sitting next to a very cute chap with blue hair on one side and Vicky on the other who was helping me heckle the punt chauffeur, which was rather fun. Lovely weather, nice sparkling water to drink, and pleasant company.