June 23rd, 2002


What a lovely day

I like weddings. I think I especially like weddings with lots of friends around to talk to. Especially when they're all being dressed up. Col probably just wins best-dressed geek due to actually having real cufflinks. Andrew W probably next most dapper, but lots and lots and lots of honourable mentions and they're all so damned cute
Learning not to be so wistful about Simon, and at least I can tease him a bit. Also trying to learn to let Richard have a bit more freedom. It seems only fair, and if it makes him happy...
So long as he keeps being reassuring about how much he cares I think I'll be fine. Although I do worry that it's just that he fancies other people more than he does me, which isn't a great feeling, but he's doing pretty well at convincing me otherwise ;-)

[No longer friends-only]

Wrestling with a bicycle

So I got myself a bike bottle, a cage for it to go in so I can have a drink with me on long rides. Touring bikes typically have an attachment for the bottle cage built in, but mine doesn't, so I had to buy an extra doobrey to attach it with too. Unfortunately it seems it stands about an inch proud of the bike once attached, which means there's much less space available to attach the cage and bottle in. Took me about 4 attempts to find somewhere that a) the doobrey would fit b) the bottle and cage would also fit and you could still get the bottle out of the cage c) it didn't bump into my legs when I cycle and d) I could still reach the gear lever. It's still a bit of a squeeze to get the bottle in and out and it's a bit awkward to reach while moving but it'll do. Bloody Awkward bike.

Visiting relatives

My sister Steph is coming to visit me for a couple of weeks on Wednesday. Quite a long visit really. When she's in a good mood she's great fun, but I have reason to suspect she might be a bit fed up. She's coming to stay because she's flying back from Ukraine with her foot in plaster due to a torn ligament and my parents are away on holiday at just the wrong time and she probably can't cope on her own.
I'm wondering things like what sort of food to get in for her in advance, how to keep her amused, and so on. And silly things like do I reboot my computer into windows for her or create an account in its linux personality instead. She's emphatically not a geek and I fear our lifestyle may turn out somewhat boring for her. Wonder if she'll want to come along to the pub on Thursday.
Hopefully we'll have a nice time anyway. Any ideas for amusing not-very-mobile relatives in Cambridge?

Oooh, nifty

Thought I'd have a go with one of the livejournal clients, and logjam was conveniently available in Debian so away I go. Well, that works anyway :-)

Oh drat, except that if I try and view some of my old entries up pops a nice new Mozilla window, with the wrong diary in. Who the hell is brad anyway?
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Time for bed

Or at least for bath and book. I didn't get a completely lazy weekend, what with staying up late last night, but today has been a nice relaxed day doing not very much, eating lots but well, and generally just relaxing. Back to work tomorrow, and I've just realised I made myself some lunch but I'm booked to have lunch at the exim course anyway. I guess I can have it for dinner or a snack. Wonder if they'll have anything I can sensibly eat. Must double check what time I need to be there, want to pop into the office beforehand.