Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

19: Sense and Sensibility: Jane Austen: from ISBN 0-14-025944-9

My habit of seeing the films of things and then immediately wanting to re-read the book continues. Watched this on Sunday night iirc, and Richard rather enjoyed it too, so when I was wondering what to read yesterday this kind of jumped out at me, especially as the volume was still at hand. As you can guess from how long it took me this isn't exactly heavy reading. It's light and fluffy and a pleasure to read from beginning to end. As wonderfully OTT as Mrs Jennings was in the film in her teasing and merriment she's no less so in the book. And no less kind with it too. I love a happy ending, and I like that even those who are not entirely blameless in this one are restored to their own measure of happiness, even if it cannot compare with that of our heroines. I do think Dan might be right that a tank through the drawing room wall might lend a certain novelty, but I still can't help loving these for what they are. Even if it makes me a somewhat sappy creature.

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