Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Shopping list

By Thursday I need to buy a pair of slippers, preferably a new dressing gown, and a birthday present for my sister (who will shortly be hitting 26, how'd that happen?). The new dressing gown I have been aware of a need for for some time, but now I'm going to be wearing one in public the need becomes rather more pressing. The reason for all this is a visit to a health spa on Saturday to celebrate said birthday. Thank goodness I've already got a new swimming costume, or I'd have to buy that too.

I was going to head up on Friday after work on the train, but my dad's working in Norwich on Wednesday and Thursday and has offered me a lift up instead if I can get Friday off work, which sounds like a much more sensible plan even if it does involve leaving rjk for that little bit longer. You shall all have to keep him entertained for me while I'm gone.
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