Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Christ it's windy out there

A couple of good episodes of B5. And then home in the wind before it got dark, because it's scary enough out there as it is. Have left rjk to drink more tea and have food with Becky. Felt a bit antisocial coming home, but I really do just want to go zog some more. Spent most of yesterday asleep or reading - have got over 1/4 of the way through Les Deux Tours in one evening, which is also scary. Pizza tonight at some point, though they said they'd be a while. And I plan to watch Mansfield Park at 9, and see if it really is as disastrous an adaptation as some have described it. Noisy out there. Average windspeed 32 knots and rising, max windspeed up to 56, according to AT&T weather. This makes it somewhere between "Near Gale" and "Violent Storm" says this table. *blink* suddenly it's gone quiet as I type. Freaky.

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