Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

14: Night Watch: Terry Pratchett: ISBN 0-552-14889-7

Goodness that didn't take long. There was a time when I thought Pratchett had completely lost it, and I kind of lost interest in keeping up with the books any more. But when they suddenly turn up cheap? Well what the hell? They make good light reading. And more than that it appears. For feeling fed up with a cold this was the perfect antidote. I may still be sniffling and relying on Richard to feed me and bring me hot lemon squash but I have had fun. A new, very fresh, spin on some old characters, and a host of new ones. A bit of history we hadn't really heard of before is suddenly brought to life, and Vimes is brought back to life with it, a life he thought he'd lost and missed. It has the best bits of Pratchett, jokes yes, and the occasional eye-watering pune, but not to the expensive of a rip-roaring plot. It's almost enough to let me forgive him for the dreadful Australian monstrosity, but we'll see.
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