Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Tired again

Reasonably early night, but still tired this morning. Too useless to be able to face trying to find anything low sin at lunchtime, and rather than eat pre-packed sandwiches that are full of sins I just kind of ended up not having lunch in the end. I was only hungry for a little while and by the time I could be bothered to do anything about it I wasn't any more. Reasonably productive day though, mostly faffing with viruses and exim logs and filters and statistics and things. Dozed quite a bit before dinner then watched Chicago with Richard which was fun, but I really think I should just go to bed now. Must also stop getting into stupid arguments/discussions on cam.misc, Susanna Fox clearly just has a completely different world view to me and it's pointless carrying on trying to convince her I'm happy with how things are.

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