Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

8-11: The remaining Chronicles of Narnia

- 8: Prince Caspian: C.S. Lewis: ISBN 0-26-167049-2</li>
- 9: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: C.S. Lewis: ISBN 0-26-167050-6</li>
- 10: The Silver Chair: C.S. Lewis: ISBN 0-26-167051-4</li>
- 11: The Last Battle: C.S. Lewis: ISBN 0-26-167052-2</li></ul>

I may as well write about these as all one entry. There's not really much to say. I enjoyed them all, though I think Dawn Treader is possibly the one I like most. For some reason Eustace and Jill together don't seem to make as much of a mark on me as some of the other combinations of characters do. The nice thing about the last one is seeing them all together again, especially Lucy, who despite being a bit wet at times, and a bit too much of a goody-two-shoes, is somehow my favourite. Though I'm still not sure I forgive C. S. Lewis for dropping Susan. And the last one *is* too preachy, even for me. And not really enough of an adventure. And surely there must have been more than *one* of the Calormenes who wasn't a complete rotter.

What next? I seem to have accidentally ordered a copy of Pratchett's Night Watch from Tesco today (it came up at the end of a rather incongruous list of search results when I was looking for Weight Watchers breakfast cereal), which will probably be devoured at some point about as quickly as this lot have. I seem to have missed only The Last Hero (illustrated) and The Amazing Maurice (aimed at kids) in terms of Discworld books before this one, which mildly surprises me, since I've not been keeping up.

I'm also looking at Ilium and Absolution Gap both of which Richard has now finished. And the 10th Wheel of Time book when it arrives, though that may not be til late Feb since I ordered it with a CD which is an import and might take weeks. And the pile from my mum of course too. And some more things in French. No doubt at some point I'll pick one :-)

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