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Some questions from Marna:

What are you currently reading? Prince Caspian, C.S. Lewis.

How long have you been reading it (or them)? How much longer do you think it will take you to read it? Started it on Monday, have spent maybe an hour and a half on it, well under half an hour left I guess. It's only ickle.

Is it a gobble-in-one-session sort of book, or a read slowly through book, or a pick a page at random now and then book? I usually read books in big chunks, can't always (or even often) get through them all at once, but I read as though I expect to, and always hate to put them down.

Do you ration books and force yourself to read them slowly? What books have you done this with recently? Not really. I read The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts like that, cos I was reading it only at lunchbreaks at work, but it's not really a sort of reading that suits me.

Do you sometimes *wish* that you'd rationed a book when you get to the end of it? No. Though I often wish there was more book left.

What was the last book you bought? 3 for Richard before Christmas (Dan Simmons, Alastair Reynolds and Neal Stephenson) and just ordered one for myself from Amazon: the latest in my sad addiction to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (I waited for the paperback at least)!

Do you know what book you're going to buy next? Nope. There are a few on my wishlist, but more of it seems to be CDs at the moment.

How many borrowed books are sitting on your shelves? Boxed set of Exotique belonging to Karen, and a pile of about half a dozen from my mum some of which I may not be required to return, but I don't recall which.

When will they get given back? Karen's when I get round to it, which should have been months ago. Remind me some time when one of us is visiting the other? Ta! Mum's probably in Feb, since I'm going up for my sister's birthday celebrations, and might well have finished them all by then.

How many books of yours are currently on other people's shelves? I don't think any books are at the moment, one DVD.

When do you expect them to return? Dunno, was originally a loan until I had something to play it on, but I suspect it's been forgotten.

I really need a bookish icon.
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